Living Learning Center

The Luddy Living Learning Center, a residential community for first-year techies

As you consider IU housing, we think you’ll love one learning community in particular: the Luddy (LLC). Located in the Teter Quad, the Luddy LLC will help you start strong at IU, no matter your major.

Designed as a housing option for IU students who love technology, Luddy Living Learning Center residents can take advantage of special opportunities, like a trip to Silicon Valley.

Description of the video:

Living Learning Center as a residential community for first-year students interested in informatics, computing, and engineering. Students interested in technology in general are welcome to apply. Our goal is to build a collaborative environment where students have access to that appears faculty members and alumni who will help them build a strong community. I think that being in the LLC really gave me a lot of connections and support from a lot of people throughout buddy and I will see you in general. I'm really grateful I would love to be involved, especially at money. And a lot of my opportunities came from that I was able to build here through our LLC class, the executive board that I was on. It kinda made me feel more at home right away. And that competence was able to springboard me into different clubs that aren't in that body in general. I have to say the people I've met and being able to just come down to the lounge and knowing a lot of people having the same type of nature is me being able to relate to them, learn more things about my major. I have a lot of friends to come to. My favorite spaces are the makerspace because you can make cool things like these 3D printed earrings. And I really like the reception area because it's a nice place to hang out with your friends. We want our students to be prepared personally, professionally, and academically. And the Luddy LLC gives us a space and the resources really focus on these high-impact practices that we know allows students to be successful.

Why live in an IU Living Learning Community?

Get a head start and make lifelong friends

In the Luddy LLC, first-year students who love technology, whether they’re pursuing a major in the Luddy School or elsewhere on campus, live together and participate in a community of peers that gives them an edge at IU and beyond.

The Luddy Living Learning Center will help you transition to college, succeed academically, and develop your career skills. Not only will you make friends who will support and challenge you throughout your life, but you'll have opportunities to connect with Luddy faculty and even potential employers.

Gracie Renfro

My floor was very close. It gives you such a great group to lean on when you are struggling, and we had a great time bonding outside of homework.

Gracie Renfro, computer science major and former Luddy LLC resident
Two students use a laptop to work on a project together.

Apply to live in the Luddy LLC

If you’re interested in this technology-driven living learning community, the IU housing application opens February 1. The priority deadline to apply to live in the Luddy LLC is May 1. If you apply or make changes to your submitted application after May 1, you may not receive full consideration for a spot in the Luddy LLC. Space is limited and in high demand, so apply as early as possible.

In your application, make sure to:

  • Indicate your preference for the Luddy LLC
  • Answer the three Luddy LLC questions in 150 to 200 words
  • Pay the $200 application fee, which is used for LLC events and programs

Start your housing application

What happens next

You’ll be notified if your housing application has been chosen for the second round of review. If you’re selected to live in the Luddy LLC, you’ll be notified by June 1.

Other ways to get involved on campus

With over 20 student clubs and organizations, there’s no shortage of ways to get involved outside of the Luddy Living Learning Center. See all of Luddy’s student organizations to see what Luddy students can do on campus.

Contact the Luddy LLC Team

For more information about the Luddy's learning community, write to Or, start your housing application for the Luddy LLC today.