Student Research

Two ways to join a research project

Apply to Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Computing (UROC)

UROC is a way for you to get valuable research experience and build skills you’ll use in graduate school or your career while being mentored by a faculty member or Ph.D. student.

In UROC, you will:

  • Work three to nine hours per week on your research project
  • Meet regularly with your mentor
  • Attend monthly research team meetings
  • Enroll in a 1 to 3 credit research course
  • Attend monthly professional development seminars, focusing on skills like presenting and creating posters for conferences
  • Participate in a poster session at the end of the semester

We email all Luddy undergrads when it’s time to apply for UROC. You can participate in UROC multiple times.

To get more information or make sure you’re on our email list, email

Contact a faculty member

It can be that easy. If you’re not sure which faculty member you might like to work with, explore our faculty directory.

From Luddy to Amazon

For three years at Luddy, Shayan Khokhar played a lead role in creating a knee-brace-based fitness tracker and mobile app called MuscleMemory. Conducted under the mentorship of Katie Siek in the Proactive Health Lab, his work earned him an undergraduate research award from IU.

The project also improved his programming, writing, and professional skills. He drew on those skills to land a highly competitive software development internship with Amazon, which led to a full-time job.