Luddy Pre-College Summer Programs

Explore technology and everything you can do with it

You love technology. Come explore your passion at Indiana University’s Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering Pre-College Summer Programs.

You’ll learn about the latest tech, get experience using it, and see what one of the nation’s best technology schools is like. Information on future camps will be posted when available.

Luddy Pre-College Summer Program 2021

June 20-26

Design. Build. Code.

Planning is underway for this residential camp for students entering grades 9 to 12

Explore the world of technology and how it’s used in problem solving and people’s careers. We build the curriculum based on what’s trending in technology, and we have something for participants of all experience levels. Fees include food and housing in an IU residence hall.


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Engineering Tomorrow Day Camp 2020

A day camp for students entering grades 5 to 8

Explore the future of engineering and everything you can do with apps, software, robotics, and wearables with faculty in our innovative intelligent  systems engineering program. Activities could include building robotic cars and plotters, working with internet servers, and making wearables that integrate lights. No experience is needed.


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Michael Mitsch, freshman

I loved the Arduino course. We programmed a parking buddy that would beep when something came within a couple feet of it. We were learning to use sensors with the Arduino circuit board, and the professor gave us a ton of examples of how we could apply these skills.

Michael Mitsch, intelligent systems engineering major and former summer camper