Hear from students about inclusion at Luddy

Bob Ross Paint Along Event
Pop-in Event where students can "pop in" and enjoy snacks and activities
Senior Sendoff Event outside of Luddy Hall
Spooktacular Event hosted with other LODI student organizations

Our Pacesetters are enthusiastic and involved undergraduates who tell high school students, parents, and current IU students about what the Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering is like, how they’ll fit in, and how Luddy will help you reach your goals. They promote inclusivity at the school and help plan and carry out a variety of diversity and inclusion initiatives involving outreach, recruiting, and retention.

Luddy’s Student Ambassadors can also tell you about Luddy life.

Current students can be Pacesetters.

Becoming a Pacesetter

Becoming a Pacesetter will allow you to gain valuable experience, grow as a leader, build your communication skills, and network with people at Luddy and professionals in the tech field.


You can apply to become a Pacesetter in the fall semester. For more information, contact us at

Pacesetters for 2024-25