Corporate Partnerships

Become a Luddy Corporate Partner

Partner with a top technology and information school to build your talent pipeline and collaborate with faculty.

You want the best and brightest hires for your organization, and you’ll find them here. By partnering with the Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering, you can recruit our skilled, prepared students and give future classes even more opportunities.

And if you’re seeking expertise on a project or research initiative, our expert faculty can help. Our faculty members regularly partner with companies to develop new publications and products.

Partnership opportunities include:

  • Luddy Corporate Partner Program, which includes special access to Luddy students and leaders
  • Luddy Living Learning Center (Luddy LLC) events, courses and site visits
  • Recruiting through Luddy Career Services
  • Collaboration with faculty on research and other projects
  • Initiatives for women and underrepresented minority groups, to increase diversity
  • Experiential Learning including design and class projects
  • Scholarships for students
  • Professional Development for students, including sending them to conferences and leadership programs
  • Participating in student organizations' events
  • Named spaces at the Luddy school, including our auditorium

Luddy Corporate Partners 2022-2023

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