Step Up Campaign

It's time to Step Up.

What does it mean to 'step up'?

It means seeing a need and rolling up your sleeves—or rather, socks—to help. It means leading by example for the next generation of Luddy leaders and innovators who will have a significant impact in the world. It means investing in tomorrow.

Stepping up means being part of something special.

Step up now button to donateStep up now button to donate


When you make a gift to the Luddy School, you make a commitment to seeing a better tomorrow. Your gift helps create a place for Luddy students to try new ideas and develop into the visionaries our world needs. It sends a clear message that when we all step up together, we can do incredible things. And remember: Stepping up is not about how much you give; it's about participation.  The more people that step up together, the more we can show the footprint Luddy leaves around the world and the bigger the difference we all make in the lives of Luddy students.

Share your pride in stepping up with the #LuddyStepUp hashtag – we’d love to hear from you and see Luddy’s footprint worldwide!

This is the first step. Want to take another? Join us on LuddyNet to connect with the Luddy School.

Step Up Campaign, Luddy students showing their Luddy Socks
Image of Herman B Wells IU's 11th president

The university treasures above all else the devotion and loyalty of her friends and alumni.

Herman B Wells, 11th President of Indiana University