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Students wearing goggles work on soldering prototypes in a lab in Luddy Hall.

Protolab: Design Research Cafe

This open, collaborative makerspace in Myles Brand Hall E120 can also be used by Luddy’s partners at Indiana University and in the community. It houses a medium-format laser cutter, 3D printers, a vinyl cutter, hand and power tools, a library of hardware and software platforms, equipment for building and testing electronics, and machines for integrating electronics into soft materials.

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A student wearing a mask and goggles works on a prototype in a lab in Luddy Hall.

Protolab II

Located in Room 0101 in Luddy Hall’s basement, this lab has CNC machines for dirty fabrication processes like metal milling, plasma cutting, and wood routing. Its hand and power tools include table and compound miter saws, drill presses, and welding equipment.

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The fabrication lab 3D printer prints out a yellow material.

ISE Fab Lab

This digital inquiry and fabrication space on the fourth floor of Luddy Hall is for intelligent systems engineering students and faculty. Equipment includes large-format laser cutters, a small-format CNC water jet cutter, FDM and SLA 3D printers, and equipment for building and testing electronics.

Students work on their projects at tables in a makerspace lab in Luddy Hall.

Innovation Center in the Luddy Living Learning Center

Students in the Luddy Living Learning Center have easy—and exclusive—access to this makerspace in Teter Quadrangle, where they live. The Innovation Center has a laser cutter, a bank of FDM 3D printers, hand tools, and equipment for electronics assembly.

A close-up of a 3D printing machine in a makerspace lab in Luddy Hall

Multidisciplinary Engineering and Sciences Hall (MESH)

MESH is used by faculty and graduate students in the Department of Intelligent Systems Engineering. MESH facilities include multiple research labs and a digital fabrication space: Bio WetLabs, DroneLab, NanoLab, NanoTower, and OpenLab.

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