Haghverdi’s class is focusing on developing problem-solving and logical thinking skills, and the group is reading the book, “The Master Switch by Tim Wu, which examines the rise and fall of information empires over the past 150 years.

“The book is a great introduction for them to the world of technology, Haghverdi says. “It shows them how great communication technologies grow and go through the cycle of boost and bust, and it’s important to recognize the signs that the different phases are happening.

The Luddy Scholars also have the opportunity to interact with invited speakers both from inside the school and from industry. The speakers, who are appearing virtually due to the COVID-19 outbreak, are providing advice on life skills, such as time management, career readiness, etc., as well as career development, allowing the students to see the academic and professional perspectives of technology.

“The Luddy Scholars program has already helped me through its interaction with faculty, says Colin LeFevre, who is majoring in informatics. “Even being able to interact with Professor Haghverdi in a one-on-one, seminar format has been a fantastic learning opportunity that I wouldn’t otherwise have had access to. I’m looking forward to hearing from other faculty and industry speakers who have been invited.

Esfandiar Haghverdi headshot

You expect students like this to really excel, and I believe they will.

Esfan Haghverdi - Executive Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education