The school of tomorrow

The Indiana University Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering is one of the world’s largest, broadest, and best technology and information schools.

We shape the future through interdisciplinary research and education that make the impossible possible and solve the problems of tomorrow today.

Degrees for evolving jobs

Our programs are broad, ranging from the technical to the societal and often blending the two. A Luddy education prepares students to thrive in today’s jobs and to adapt as technology careers change in the decades ahead.

Research that defies boundaries

No challenge is too big for us. Our faculty, researchers, and students team up to explore the frontiers of what technology and information can do in areas ranging from artificial intelligence to medicine. And they use what they discover to make life better for all of us.

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A student uses a virtual reality headset and controllers while a laptop shows what she is seeing.

Homes to innovation and collaboration

Our facilities—including extraordinary Luddy Hall—provide our students and faculty with all the tools and technology they need for their explorations.

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A history of innovation

When the School of Informatics was founded in 2000, it was the first school of its kind. Over the years, other groundbreaking and celebrated IU programs have joined the Department of Informatics in our school: the Department of Computer Science (founded in 1971), the Department of Information and Library Science (founded in 1951), and the Department of Intelligent Systems Engineering (founded in 2016). In addition, the Department of Statistics (founded in 2006) has been co-located with our school since 2018.

Now we’re called the Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering.

Our departments’ achievements have included pioneering advances in programming languages, offering the first Ph.D. in Informatics and one of the first master’s degrees in cybersecurity, producing influential research in human computer interaction and complex systems, and launching IU’s first engineering program. And we’re continuing to evolve every day.

Membership and accreditation

The school is a founding member of the iSchool Caucus. Our Master of Library Science and Master of Information Science programs have been accredited by the American Library Association since 1951.

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