Job and internship postings, resume help, interview prep, and much more

Choosing a career path and starting that career can feel daunting. Don’t worry—the Career Services office is here to help.

Come see us early and often, and use Handshake to get essential career info and access many of our services, including applying for jobs and internships.

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Who can use Luddy’s career services?

Undergraduates, master’s students, Ph.D. students, and even alumni can use our services.

You have access to Handshake and all of our career services if you are earning a major/degree, minor, or certificate in Luddy or if you have completed at least 6 credit hours of Luddy classes. Undergraduates who don’t meet these criteria can contact Luddy Career Services at to evaluate their goals and start their career planning.

Advising on your resume, interviewing, job search, and more

Our expert advisors will guide you one-on-one through every step of your career process, from polishing your resume to navigating job offers and salary negotiations.

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Courses that help you develop your career and get experience

Learn to search for jobs and manage your career like a pro in Y395 Career Development, an eight-week, 1 credit hour course. Each undergrad major has its own version of Y395. Luddy also offers several capstone and internship courses.

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Attend the Luddy Career Fair and other events

Held each September and January, the Luddy Career Fair brings more than 100 employers to campus. We also host a variety of career workshops and employer events.

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Apply for jobs and internships

Handshake lists a wide range of positions you can apply for, from part-time work you can do now to full-time positions. Other ways to get work and career experience include Laurie Burns McRobbie Serve IT Clinic, research opportunities, on-campus jobs (see Jobs at IU), volunteering, and the Bloomington Technology Partnership.

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Interview with employers

You can sign up for next-day interviews during the Career Fair or apply for positions that have interview schedules.

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Special Populations

Undergraduate Students

  • Login to your IU Handshake account. Every IU student has a Handshake account - this is where you find upcoming career events, itnernships, and job opportunities. This is your FIRST STEP in preparing for your future career!
  • Become involved in extracurricular activities for personal and professional development. Join an participate in activities outside of class, such as a student club or professional associations related to your career interests. You can find IU and Luddy student organizations at and
  • Craft your college resume. As you become more involved at IU, it's time to remove any high school accolades. Make it easy on yourself and add to your resume throughout this year!List any new clubs or oganizations you join, any committees you serve on, and an ongoing list of technical programs and languages you learn! You can add class projects too! Once you overhaul your resume, make an appiontment with Luddy Career Services to have it reviewed and ready to upload to your Handshake profile. Let employers know you are taking steps toward your career goals!
  • Create a LinkedIn profile and begin to develop your personal brand. What kind of professional do you want to be? LinkedIn is a great place to explore how others brand themselves. To get started, Luddy Career Services offers free headshots throughout the academic year for you to begin updating your LinkedIn profiel. Check Handshake for upcoming headshot sessions. For assistance in setting up your LinkedIn profile, see the dedicated section in Luddy's Career Search Guide and schedule an appointment with a Career Advisor.
  • Research opportunities for internships, job shadowing and the future of your chosen field. Set a goal for yourself of conducting at least two informational interviews this school year. That's only one a semester - you can do it! Consider reaching out to professionals in the IU community, (faculty, academic advisors, Luddy alumni, or Bloomington business leaders) as a starting place. Ask for 20 minutes of their time to bring questions about their roles and career path. This is an effective way to practice introducing yourself and gather valuable insights into the caeer(s) you want to explore.
  • Go to Luddy Career Services career fairs, workshops, and events! This is a wonderful way to build relationships with employers dedicated to hiring Luddy students. It also allows you to develop your personal competencies such as interviewing techniques, perfecting your elevator pitch, communicating with purpose, and learn from engaged employers. Check out Handshake for upcoming Luddy events and fairs!
  • Ensure your selected major aligns with your interests, values, and abilities. If you are not enjoying your core classes - perhaps you neet to reconsider your major. Now is a good time to explore your options. If necessary, make an appointment with an Academic or Career Advisor.
  • Make an appointment with a Luddy Career Advisor to explore career resources and services, and to review your career goals. This is the year to begin thinking beyond the classroom. How will you be career ready in just a few short yet, busy years? Make an appointment through Handshake!

  • Update your resume. Welcome back! Ensure your resume is up-to-date and let a Luddy Career Services professional review it. And do not forget to upload your refreshed resume to your Handshake account! Pro tip: we recommend setting your Handshake profile visibility to employers so employers can share opportunities with you!
  • Begin to compile your portfolio of work. While you might need to further research what experience is typically valued in a portfolio in your field of study, now is the time to begin a cumulative file of various projects which highlight your competencies and creativeness. It is also helpful to reflect on what projects excited you most as you consider future employment opportunities.
  • Research companies and organizations. Research allows you to learn about opportunities available to you. Questions to explore: What companies hire entry-level positions? What are common job titles for your major? What are the values of these organizations, and do they align with your personal values? Company culture and sense of belonging are crucial factors in finding your fit and having career success. Do these companies recruit at Luddy? What recruitment patterns do you notice?
  • Continue to build your personal and professional competencies. Deep dive into your skillset and think about ways you could add value to an organization. What skills would you like to add to your resume? What are areas of strengths for you and how could you highlight them in an interview?
  • Build your career network. Now is the time to intentionally begin growing your professional connections. Update your LinkedIn profile if needed and start adding connections. Connect with classmates, recruiters from organizations who hire in your career field, faculty, career services professionals, academic advisors, and Indiana University alums.
  • Search for an internship. Internships are available for Sophomores, as are many Leadership Programs. It never hurts to ask employers who come to IU's campus for fairs and events!
  • Attend career fairs, workshops, and events hosted by Luddy Career Services. We offer events each semester, and we partner with employers too! Check out events and opportunities on Handshake.
  • Practice interviewing. The more you practice, the more comfortable you will be when an internship or job is on the line! Luddy Career Services offers a mock interviewing opportunity with employers at least once per semester. Our Career Advisors are also available for 1:1 mock interviewing by appointment. We offer support for behavioral, technical, and case interviews.
  • Look for free ways to elevate your career competencies. Check out LinkedIn Learning, a free resource for all IU Bloomington students. With a minimal time investment, you can earn certificates in areas such as Diversity and Inclusion, Program Management, Creating Inclusive Cultures, Effective Listening, How to Be Assertive, etc. These certifications are a great compliment to your education and are a strong addition to your resume.

  • Update your resume. As you settle in for your third year, do not forget to update your resume, have it reviewed by Luddy Career Services, and upload it into your Handshake account! Pro tip: we recommend making your Handshake profile visible to employers!
  • Organize your portfolio. Decide how best to organize and showcase past or current projects. Be ready to reference examples during interviews.
  • Update your profiles. This is an opportunity to highlight your professional branding as the budding professional you are! Add core classes you have studied and include projects of interest that you completed to both your Handshake and LinkedIn profiles. Be an active contributor to discussions on LinkedIn.
  • Do a social media audit. Make sure your social media accounts are professional and appropriate for anyone who may be looking. This includes personal social media outlets like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Recruiters will be researching you! Companies need to ensure you will represent them well in the workforce as you collaborate with clients and peers!
  • Begin to collect professional references or letters of recommendations for applications. Consider past supervisors or instructors. Perhaps in a past or current position you have a coworker who might be a good character reference. The hiring process can move quickly so it's best to be prepared.
  • Go to Luddy Career Services career fairs, workshops, and events! Know that often employers offer internships and/or jobs as early as one year in advance. Be ready to share your resume and put your best foot forward at every workshop, event, or fair! Participate in mock interviews and career services events to practice projecting your professional self!
  • Grow your professional network. Continue to build connections in your desired career field through recruiting events, networking opportunities, conferences, and LinkedIn.
  • Secure an internship! Internships are often gateways to careers! Internship opportunities are also valuable to explore potential career paths and to expand your competencies. Internships are also great resume builders and growth opportunities!
  • Become a content creator on LinkedIn! Engage in discussion on LinkedIn. Create content on hot topics in your major or career focus area. Share a project or accomplishment of which you are proud. Showcase your work and be an advocate for your professional self! Be supportive of organizations, companies, or experts in your field.
  • Continue to grow your career competencies. Employers love people with initiative and professional polish! LinkedIn Learning is free to all IU Bloomington students and can help you grow competencies desirable to corporate recruiters. These help prepare you for skills necessary for the working world and are valuable additions to your resume.
  • Continue involvement in extracurricular activities for personal and professional development. Participation in activities outside the classroom, such as a student club or professional associations related to your career, can help highlight your interests and leadership abilities. Again, you can find student organizations at and
  • Decide if Graduate School is for you. This is the time to thinking about your career goals. Where do you want to be in your career in 5 or 10 years? Weight the pros and cons of entering graduate school immediately after your undergraduate degree. Research companies who you might want to work for and consider what job qualifications they include in their job descriptions. Compare those qualifications with your current knowledge, skills, and abilities. If you decide this is your path: begin researching graduate schools and make an appointment with a Career Advisor to further your research!

Update your resume and have it reviewed by Luddy Career Services. We can help you put the final polish on it. And don't forget to upload it into your Handshake account!

Do another social media audit. Are your social media accounts professional and appropriate? This includes personal social media outlets like Tik-Tok, Instragram, Facebook and LinkedIn. Also search your name in an incognito browser. Recruiters will be looking for insights into your character! Companies need to ensure you will represent them well in the workforce as you might collaborate with clients and peers.

Begin your job search. Finding desired employment can take time. Start early - the process takes time, and many opportunities close in September and October. Use your previous employer research to strategize - explore the job titles that fit your skillset, the companies that complement your values, and the geographic locations that interest you. Remember, thought, to be open to opportunities. Do not limit yourself unless you have a compelling reason to do so.

Be confident in your skills! Job searchers are competitive, but so are you! This search is what you have worked hard toward - have confidence in your personal and professional competencies. If you need last-minute reassurance or support, make an appointment with a Luddy Career Services Advisor. We will partner with you as you prepare for upcoming interviews and decisions!

Leverage your experiences on LinkedIn. Update your LinkedIn profile. Share thoughts on current events in your field of study. Engage with other professionals in your desired field. Follow organizations or companies who have mutual interests or missions. Intentionally create your digital footprint.

If you secure a job offer, consider connecting with a Luddy Career Services Advisor to review the offer and benefits package, or discuss your negotiation strategy. When you commit, do not forget to report it to Luddy Career Services via 12twenty! We want to celebrate your success with you!

If you are furthering your education, use the Fall Term to prepare for Graduate School. This is the time to complete all Graduate School assessments and applications. Be prepared to upload all necessary documents as you apply. For professional recommendations, which are often requires, ask recommenders early in the semester. When you ask, share your education and career aspirations so recommenders can speak to your motivation, skills, accomplishments, and readiness! Additionally, it is likely that you will need a personal statement as part of the application process - make an appointment with a Luddy Career Advisor to ensure your statement accurately reflects your professional educational journey.