Vertically Integrated Projects

Vertically Integrated Project

A Vertically Integrated Project (VIP) is a method for elevating higher education. It involves the active participation of both undergraduate and graduate students in extensive, multidisciplinary project teams, which are characterized by their ambitious, long-term nature and faculty leadership. This program aims to increase experiential learning experience students while serving the community.

Why a VIP?​

It offers a platform for student teams to become actively involved in faculty research. Faculty members use the platform for a variety of reasons including:  

  • Improve undergraduate student collaboration.
  • Utilization of students to develop new innovate ideas
  • Increases the ability to leverage multidisciplinary talent from across the university.
  • Ability to leverage this talent for both Community (Industry & Societal) benefit creating broader impacts.

The common thread among all these teams is that they are established at the request of faculty members. 

Our Current Projects


  • Toyota Mobility Organization
  • Initiative for Electrified and Autonomous Mobility (IEAM) an EDA University Center

Community Partners

  • Gleaners
  • Hawthorne Community Center
  • God's Bounty
  • Old Bethel
  • Soutwest Community Center

Faculty | Advisors

  • Lou Enzi
  • Youngbok Hong
  • Hazim El-Mounayri
  • Priyanka Manthripragada