Cheng Wu Innovation Fellowship

A scholarship, mentoring, and workspace for a student inventor

The fellowship supports you in committing a summer to develop your technological innovation. Awarded to a student inventor each year, this fellowship includes a scholarship worth $5,000.

The inventor also receives weekly mentoring from Dr. Travis J. Brown, Senior Executive Assistant Dean for Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Commercialization. The fellowship is funded by a generous gift from Cheng Wu, Serial Entrepreneur, Founder and Former Chair of Azuki Systems, and IU alumnus (MS, Computer Science, 1977).

How it works

The inventor can be an individual or a team. For teams, the scholarship is divided evenly among the members.

The inventor is given a $5,000 scholarship and workspace in the Shoemaker Innovation Center to develop the technological innovation during the summer term. Weekly meetings with Dr. Brown are required to ensure that the inventor is making satisfactory progress.