Luddy Alumni Spotlight

Kimberley Wheat Condas (MLS, '84) and family

Kimberley Wheat Condas, MLS '84

By: Patty Lunsford (MLS ’76)

Enveloped within the myth, legend, and intrigue of librarianship are the captivating accounts of librarians who work in special agencies, from the seriously true mission of librarians to gather intelligence for the government to the engaging accounts of unusual investigations and discoveries done by present-day librarians.

Kimberley Wheat Condas (MLS, '84) is one of those masters. Over the past 32 years, Condas has been a real-life librarian, researcher, IT relations manager, analyst, and information review and release analyst for the Central Intelligence Agency.

Condas grew up in Corning, New York, and when it was time to explore where she would go to college, she was determined to move to a region of the United States other than the East Coast. She preferred a smaller liberal arts school, and during a visit to colleges in the Midwest, she and her father stopped at DePauw University.

DePauw University's campus and the city of Greencastle were the answer to Condas' vision. It included the friendly welcome and warmth of the faculty and students, a cozy campus, and outstanding liberal arts programs. Condas double-majored in English literature and earth science at DePauw, and by the time she was a senior, she knew she wanted to apply her diverse academic training to a career in library science.