Mastering the Job Search

Not sure where to begin?

Several job boards specialize in listing opportunities tailored to informatics, computing, and engineering fields. Like Handshake, the following job boards offer entry-level positions. Please note IUB Luddy is not affiliated with these sites. Please use judgment when reviewing opportunities. For graduates in information library systems, there are several specialized job boards and resources tailored to careers in libraries, archives, information science, and related fields. Here are a few that tend to have a broad selection of entry-level opportunities.

  • Dice
    Dice is a leading job board specifically focused on technology careers, including roles in software engineering, IT, data science, and cybersecurity.
  • GitHub Jobs
    GitHub Jobs lists job openings in software development, engineering, and technology, including opportunities suitable for entry-level candidates. Since GitHub is widely used by developers and tech companies, you may find positions tailored to individuals starting their careers in these fields.
  • AngelList
    AngelList focuses on startup companies and often includes entry-level positions in engineering, software development, and technical roles. Startups are known for hiring candidates with diverse backgrounds and skill levels, making AngelList a good option for entry-level job seekers interested in innovative tech companies.
  • Builtin
    Built In is a platform that focuses on connecting job seekers with opportunities in the tech industry, particularly within startup ecosystems across various cities in the United States. It provides a job board featuring a wide range of roles in technology, including software development, engineering, product management, design, data science, and more.
  • INALJ (I Need A Library Job)
    INALJ often features a variety of entry-level library and information science positions, making it a valuable resource for recent graduates seeking their first job in the field.
  • Library Jobs (Libary Journal)
    Library Journal’s job board includes entry-level positions in libraries, archives, and information management, providing opportunities for individuals at the beginning of their careers.
  • ALA JobLIST (American Library Association)
    While ALA JobLIST caters to professionals at all career stages, it frequently lists entry-level positions suitable for recent graduates in library and information science.
  • Library Crossing
    Library Crossing aggregates job postings from various sources, including entry-level positions in libraries, archives, and related institutions, making it a comprehensive resource for recent graduates.


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