Summer Research Opportunities

Each IU-SROC participant receives:

  • A 40-hour-per-week lab position, giving you in-depth research experience
  • Help creating and presenting a research poster describing your summer research project
  • A $4,000 stipend
  • Housing and a meal plan for the entire eight-week program
  • Funds to cover travel costs

The program is also great preparation for graduate school in fields like computer science, bioinformatics, human-centered computing, computer vision, health informatics, security, cloud computing, interactive intelligent systems, text mining, and high performance computing.

2019 project description

This ongoing project is about developing scalable secure computing technologies—for example, training a machine learning model on encrypted data and making scientific discoveries without directly observing the content of the data.

Another of the group’s research areas is leveraging intelligent technologies to detect and analyze cybercrimes. Examples include automatic discovery and interpretation of dark words, and study of criminal activities on blockchain.