Luddy School Renaming

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[Video: Panning close up of sunrise on Luddy Hall]

[Fred Luddy speaks: The reason you look to the future is hopefully to help shape it.]

[Video: Right to left pan while looking up at West Portico of Luddy Hall]

[Words appear: "We Connect-Program-See-Secure-Analyze-Engineer Tomorrow"]

[Fred Luddy speaks: It was very prescient of both Myles Brand and then-young CIO Michael McRobbie to say "Technology, software is going to be a part of everything we do in the future." And that notion has been built into this structure, this school and it's a very, very special, very collaborative space with people here from all over the planet and I just think this is a wonderful environment for nurturing great new ideas that could change humanity for the better.]

[Video: Pan in on laboratory setting of woman soldering circuits to a circuit board.

[Video: Pan up of students reading code on a projected screen]

[Video: Shot of a woman's face being digitally mapped on the left with results of the mapping being shown on right]

[Video: Shot of gloved hands holding clear plastic circuit board]

[Video: Woman watching a 3D printer]

[Video: Laser etcher in action]

[Video: View of center passage in Luddy Hall's third floor]

[Video: Shot of man from Blueprint Stats speaking to students]

[Video: Shot of seated man asking question]

[Video: Shot of four male students at a picnic wearing "IU is Home" t-shirts.]

[Video: Two male students at picnic make positive hand gestures to camera]

[Video: Syringe of pink liquid being drawn]

[Video: Man placing vials in a centrifuge]

[Video: Close-up of vial being placed in centrifuge]

[Video: Green gloved hand presses start on machine]

[Video: Purple gloved hands use dropper to draw substance from petri dish]

[Fred Luddy speaks: When you get that convergence of young people with their passions, their energy, and their new ideas, converging with knowledge, wisdom, information - that's when things can really be transformed. And that's why you see so many things that come out of educational research because professors will spark an interest and students will do things that most people never thought were possible.]

[Video: Close-up of Professor Paul Macklin lecturing and pointing at a projected screen]

[Video: Group of four men and one woman chat at picnic outside Luddy Hall]

[Video: Close-up of man wearing t-shirt that says "Eat. Sleep. Robotics." The word sleep is crossed out.]

[Video: Professor Selma Sabanovic interacting with a mobile robot]

[Video: Woman in jean jacket wears headband measuring brain function while results are shown on a computer screen in the background]

[Video: Close-up of computer screen with brain function mapping.]

[Video: Pan in on man writing on a white board in blue marker]

[Video: Shot of students working on laptops in Luddy Hall fabrication lab]

[Video: Professor Maria Bondesson in lab coat and male approach bank of aquariums]

[Video: Close-up of Bondesson interacting with the aquariums]

[Video: Students studying on laptops while camera pans across them to clinical assistant professor of engineering Bryce Himebaugh mentoring a student]

[Video: Pan in on male student with beard holding and looking at a laptop computer]

[Fred Luddy speaks: My name is Fred Luddy, and I am a programmer. It's not what I do, it's what I am.]

[Video: Wide shot of Fred Luddy seated]

[Video: Close-up of Fred Luddy seated]

[Video: Fade into to IU graphic]

[Words appear: IU Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering]


This gift will allow the next generation of researchers and students to bring together their knowledge, wisdom, and ideas to create things that we never thought possible.

Fred Luddy, founder of ServiceNow
Rendering of Luddy Center for Artificial Intelligence
Female student holds and looks at technology equipment.
A male speaks to a male colleague while looking at a laptop.

The generosity and dedication of Fred Luddy to the people of the school is inspiring, and his support will help us invest in tomorrow in ways that will truly allow the school to take the next step in so many areas.

Raj Acharya, dean of the Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering
Closeup of technology equipment for NASA grant project

Aiding missions to the moon

Luddy Ph.D. candidate Derek Whitley is using evolutionary artificial intelligence methods to help NASA send American astronauts to the moon and beyond.

Learn more about Whitley’s research
A male inserts a piece of equipment into a supercomputer.

Computing at lightning speeds

IU’s new supercomputer, Big Red 200, will enable the use of AI across diverse research areas, including cybersecurity, medicine, and more.

Learn more about Big Red 200
A hand holds a computing device on laptop surface.

Increasing safety across devices

Luddy faculty member David Crandall is using computer vision and machine learning to ensure the authenticity of the electronics we use on a daily basis.

Learn more about Crandall’s research

Explore our latest accomplishments