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Luddy Living Learning Center

Located in Teter Quad in the Central Neighborhood, the Luddy Living Learning Community is a great jump start to building your network at Indiana University. With its own dedicated Maker Space, the LLC engages students with top-of-the-line software and hardware, 3D printers, laser cutters, and more. Applications for the LLC open Feb. 1, 2021. To indicate interest in the LLC, please choose it as your first preference in the IU RPS Housing application. For questions regarding the LLC, please contact Tiana Iruoje.

Find your home at Luddy

The Luddy School exceeds the national average for females pursuing computing degrees, according to the most recent Taulbee Survey. The Luddy School has been recognized nationally for its excellence in promoting women in undergraduate computing and prides itself on creating a welcoming environment for all students.

Find your home and create a community through our 20+ student organizations.

What should I study or work on over the summer to prepare for my first semester at Luddy?

We have many students who come to Luddy with little to no technology experience, and that’s just fine! Our faculty will introduce you all you need to know, even if you’re starting at the beginning. While nothing is expected or required, if you’d like to dive in, we recommend one of the many websites that introduce programming skills, such as codeacademy.com or code.org.

Research experience for undergraduates

Luddy undergraduate students have the unique opportunity to work with faculty in research centers and labs. Students gain experience and build analytical and professional skills that help prepare them for their careers or graduate studies.

Undergraduate research opportunities