Direct Admission

Scholarships and special opportunities for freshmen who qualify

Select incoming freshmen qualify for direct admission to the Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering. If you’re directly admitted, it means you’ve already met the requirements to officially enter our school.

Some students receive automatic direct admission. Other students are directly admitted after case-by-case reviews of their applications for admission. You can also petition for direct admission.

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Direct admission to Luddy has a lot of benefits:

  • Consideration for direct-admit scholarships
  • Special opportunities like programs to help you start strong at IU and network with faculty and industry leaders
  • Immediate access to your permanent Luddy academic advisor, who will help you plan your education and take full advantage of the opportunities here
  • Immediate access to our career services—and the earlier you can start preparing for your career, the better

Case-by-case reviews

*If you choose to apply to IU without ACT/SAT scores under the test-optional guidelines you will be reviewed on other aspects of your application, including performance in academic coursework, quality of application essay(s), and additional activities and achievements.

We also review applications for admission that don’t meet all the criteria for automatic direct admission. We may offer direct admission to students in these three situations:

  • Students who apply to IU Bloomington after November 1 but meet the other criteria for automatic direct admission
  • Students who meet the criteria for either the SAT/ACT or GPA, and are very close to meeting the criteria for the other one
  • Students who apply to IU Bloomington by November 1 indicating a non-Luddy major and then switch to a Luddy major

Direct-admit scholarships

If you’re offered automatic direct admission, you’ll be invited to complete a Selective Scholarship Application (SSA). The SSA is the application for a variety of IU scholarships, including Luddy’s direct-admit scholarships.

Complete the SSA by the deadline, and we’ll give you details about which scholarship(s) you received by February.

Please note: Students who do not submit their completed IU application by November 1 or who are selected as a direct admit via a case-by-case review are not eligible for the SSA.

If you have questions about the SSA process, write to or contact the Office of Scholarships.

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