Alumni Awards

2021 Recipients

Dorothy Berry, MLS '16

Description of the video:

Dorothy Barry grew up and asked Grove, missouri, and she received her Bachelor of Arts in music performance from Mills College. Soon after she arrived at IU, where she earned both a Master of Library Science, Master of Arts in folklore, ethnomusicology. In 2016. During her time at IU, Dorothy honed her archival skills through her bobbin in the archives of African-American music and culture, black film set or archive and the Monroe County Historical Society. She treasures her time at IU where she was able to meet lifelong friends and professional colleagues. Since 2018, Dorothy's bend, the digital collections Program Manager at Harvard University's Houghton Library. She has committed to increasing access to archival materials and innovative ways. And she recently oversaw a project to digitize African-American history materials while creating a research collection site where these materials can be accessed. Through this and other initiatives. She's been instrumental in bringing voice to marginalized people who have been silenced and historical archives. She also uses her leadership and knowledge to get back to her community through her work with the Digital Library Federation and Society of American Archivists among others, use a highly regarded speak are presenting on panels, webinars, and conferences. I'm Brendan Nelson Strauss, head of collections at the IU archives of African-American music and culture. On behalf of our current director, Dr. Tai run Cooper, our founding director, DR. porsche, K multipy, and triple AMC staff. I would like to congratulate Dorothy vary on receiving the Luddy School Innovation Fellow Award. Dorothy served as a graduate assistant at the Triple Aim see from 2011 to 2013. And from the very beginning, it was clear that she possessed a depth of knowledge are beyond her years. A unique combination of Wit and Wisdom. Dorothy could converse on any topic from 19th century minstrel C to Contemporary Hip Hop. For thirst for knowledge and dedication to the preservation of African-American music in history contributed greatly to our programming and outreach efforts. During her tenure, Dorothy wrote the script for and narrated the triple AMCs first collection related video documentary, and also co curated multiple exhibits on topics ranging from the black music industry to Indianapolis gospel. You sold review. She displayed a great deal of creativity in these endeavors and the end results were widely praised across the university. It comes as no surprise whatsoever that Dorothy has made substantial contributions in her recent endeavors, employing her unique vision and dedication to advance innovative access and preservation initiatives, as well as her own personal goal to unite stakeholder communities with their often displaced heritages. Bravo to Dorothy Barry.
Logan D. Selby, MS '19

Description of the video:

Logan Diesel be used from Petersburg, Indiana and received his master of science and data science from IU and 2019. Logan has continued his education and is in the process of earning his PhD and information technology with a focus on autonomous systems and robotics. Logan continually proves to be a truth thought leader in the area of data science and computing. He serves as Vice President of Operations at a salon robotics, where he has been instrumental in curating the application of robotic perimeter security. This mechanism utilizes a salons autonomous drone solution paired with ground robotic quadrupeds. Login enjoyed an illustrious career in the United States Army, serving in various capacities and informatics and intelligence around the globe. And he still serves as an active reserve officer, as a subject matter expert in autonomy and robotics. Logan uses every moment to promote the growth and adoption of new computing and machine learning approaches. As he serves a strategic advisor for data shapes, a San Francisco based AI company. His favorite memory from his time at IU is working with so many talented professionals from all walks of life. My name's David why? I first engaged with Logan salivate when he joined the Data Science program in 2017. But I didn't really work with them until this last semester in 2019. Way we met to discuss possibility of loading, carrying out an independent study research project with me. Now immediately realized that Logan was SNIC many talents. Bringing your thoughts and discipline from this military experience together with understanding of the commercial world and rapidly-growing technical understanding of data science hopefully helps by what you exploding from our program. So login and complete an extremely insightful and thoughtful paper with me call data science, the Intelligence Cycle, which proposed a new framework for the intelligence community driven by capabilities of the science. And what was really doing was taking a very established feel. They're showing how it could be effectively evolved to best use the tools of science. And this is what struck me rarely most of all, our local police ability to very efficiently and effectively understand how data science and informatics can be used in complex real-world scenarios to help people. Now some people have really strong technical knowledge but lack the understanding about the case with human complex, there's in some people it the other way where a login is rarely operate, she could bring these different worlds of technology and the important areas of society to countless foot will impact. So congratulations Logan on the Luddy Innovation Fellow Award. It's extremely well deserves.
Sanchari Das, Ph.D., MS '18, PhD '20

Description of the video:

Dr. Shots, every dash is from Kolkata, West Bengal, India, and currently resides in Denver. She attended the Luddy School where she received her master's in informatics in 2018 and her PhD in informatics two years later. Throughout our academic and professional career, she has proven herself to be arising leader and innovator in the fields of informatics in computer science, particularly when it comes to privacy and security. She has received several grants to further her research, including one from Facebook to work on augmented and virtual reality authentication, From the University of Denver to work on the privacy perceptions of online education for students with learning disabilities. And from Cisco to explore healthcare privacy and security. Her work has been published in several top to your academic venues and she is also presented at several security conferences. Szasz Arif boundary remembers the supportive faculty, staff and friends she met at IU. Her fondest memory is what her advisor, Dr. Jean Camp Hood at her for her PhD graduation at the stadium while family and friends watched. My name is Christina. I'm a Professor of Informatics here at IU. And I'm just delighted that Dr. Centauri Das has been named the 2020 one Luddy Innovation Fellow. Centauri is truly one of the most fearless, can do. Help full and cheerful people I have ever met. I've known him for six years now. She's started out as a standout student in my privacy seminar and soon became a coauthor for artwork on fishing. Next, I've watched her decide which fraction of her published work on user authentication be included in her dissertation. Now I think of Centauri as just a remarkable up and coming young colleague and my friend. One thing that hasn't changed and all this time is what am incredibly curious and generous person Centauri is. From the start. She's not only wanted to get to know and learn from everyone around her, but to also support all of us, whatever our interests might be. Centauri is a gifted, incredibly productive researcher, but she's also someone who puts herself in constant service to others. It's not easy and it's not required, but it is important to her. And so Centauri does it. I think it's one reason her work is so remarkable. Centauri understands both the social and technical constraints on computing security. People adopt her solutions. Because these solutions fundamentally help people achieve their goals and help secure our computing infrastructure. We are so very lucky that now, as an alum, Centauri continues to put all of her accomplishments to work on behalf of the Luddy school. I can't imagine a better ambassador. What an honor it has been to get to know you, Centauri. I am so happy for you. And for us. Congratulations.

2021 Recipient

Christian Beck, BS '05, MS '07

Description of the video:

Christian back grew up in Indianapolis and began his journey at IU when 2 thousand unfortunately, he got off to a rough start, finding himself on academic probation following his sophomore year. He credits his mother who was attending IUPUI at the time for encouraging him to look into the informatics program after enrolling in our AI one-on-one course, he found his passion. Crested remembers his time at IU. Finally, I want to one grabbed his attention for technology, but it was morning seagulls, HCI design intro class, that's passion for design. Christian earn bachelors degrees and informatics, angiography, and what onto received his MS in human computer interaction in 2007. That same year he got married and moved to San Francisco for his first design job. In 2012, he moved back to Indianapolis with his wife and son to begin his career as senior UX designer at Teradata. A year later, his family expanded with the birth of his daughter. In 2014, Christian co-founded innovate map, a digital product agency that helps companies of all sizes design and deliver digital products and services to market. The Indianapolis business landscape continues to prove from his leadership of fact, it was recently acknowledged by the Indiana Business Journal who named nim is one of the 2021 40 under 40. Christian is passionate about public education, building community, and elevating underserved minority founders, particularly in the Indianapolis community and the Midwest. As an IU retired professor and informatics, that gives me great pleasure to have nominated Christian back for the Luddy Distinguished Alumni Award. I first met Kristen in 2003 when he was an undergraduate student majoring in geography and informatics. And he took fly by 300 class the introduction to Human Computer Interaction Design. And even then, I recognize him to be a bright student who wanted to grass understanding of the field. From that experience, I encouraged him to apply to the master's program and in 2005 he enter the Masters Program and HCI design and distinguished himself again as an outstanding student that collaborated with others in the, in the cohort. He did wonderful work and it was not surprising that when he graduated, he was recruited by Autodesk and San Francisco. But some years later he decided to return to Indiana, to Indianapolis, his hometown and, and start giving back. He's a prime example of paying it forward in extraordinary ways. He became involved with the IU program at the undergraduate and graduate level. Giving the students a very challenging design problems and critiquing them. He would invite students to come to innovate map of the companies that he and Mike Reynolds founded in. And he would give them very direct feedback, sometimes harsh, sometimes very encouraging feedback and recruited some of the best students to the company and to other companies within the Indianapolis area. I think what is so extraordinary about Christian is that he's not only someone who has become a distinguished design thinker, but is a real leader in the Indianapolis immunity. He's been involved with business growth strategies through and if they map. But more importantly, I think he has become an agent for values driven community equity and stains. And and I think this represents some of the highest values of the NYU grad to it. So in all so many ways, I'm just delighted that he has won this award. Congratulations.

Information and Library Science Distinguished Alumni Award

Our oldest award honors a Luddy Information and Library Science alum for their outstanding contributions to the library/information science profession. Find out more about the efforts of our 2021 recipient, Patricia Steele (MLS ’81), to push the boundaries of her field by watching our video.

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2021 Recipient

Patricia Steele, MLS ‘81

Description of the video:

After patent her husband Charles completed their degrees at IU. They moved to Michigan, allowing Charles to attend MSU to study landscape architecture. Sued after their daughter Kelly was born. Like any young family, they faced difficulties while raising a child with Charles and school at 1 pat and Charles worked five jobs between them following seven years at Michigan and the addition of a son, Ryan, the family moved to blow big tip, which is where pad and Charles decided to call home. Pat soon started in the IU Libraries as a support staff ID reserves. The family thrived. Pat held a variety of positions in the libraries, eventually being named Dean of Libraries. Charles had his own landscape architecture practice underpants leadership. Iu was the first library to participate in the scanning of content for the Google digitization project, which aimed to digitize 10 million volumes across all Bth a libraries. In 2008, she was a co-founder of Hathi Trust, a shared digital repository for libraries across more than 130 member institutions, which now features more than 17 million digitized items. After retiring as Dean of Libraries, Pat was recruited by the University of Maryland to serve as Dean what she did for six years. Pat's fondest memories over time, but I you are dating and marrying Charles after their sophomore year and of course, overcoming all the challenges that came with putting themselves through college. She also cherishes her five years working in the biology library and being a student of David Smith, English and American Studies professor who had great influence on her life. I nominated Pat still for the Distinguished Alumni Award in 2020 because I thought it was a fitting tribute too long and distinguished career in libraries, patent and I go way back. We actually worked together in the chemistry library. And I watched her career progress to increasingly responsible positions over the course of many years. Ultimately, she reached the Dean of Libraries and iodine. So she was in charge of the entire library system at a time when the University of Maryland went looking for a dean. They didn't take them long to realize what we already knew here at IU that Pat Steele knows how to get a job done and do it right. So they came calling and invited path for an interview and she ultimately got the job. We were sorry to see Pat Lee Bloomington for a number of reasons. Partly because we're personal friends with Pat, but also because we lost a very good library and there was our delight them when we heard that she had retired from Maryland and was coming back to Bloomington. But in general, they reason I nominated tat was because of a an awareness of what a good library and she is and what she has done for the library profession. A lot of that has to do with her outlook on libraries, that they're not just a repository of books and journals, although those are quite important. But that we have a lot of responsibility too. Offer services and offer ways of supporting teaching and learning and research that are digitally based, but also based in print. So it's kind of a balancing act as a librarian to do that. And I think Pat has done an extremely good job of, of maintaining that balance between her efforts in the digital world, an imprint, paths, an avid reader. She reads very many books and she remembers them. So unlike myself and to do. But I think that the digitalization efforts that Pat was involved in by themselves would have made her a strong candidate for the Distinguished Alumni Award. And I'm satisfied that we have a person who is fully deserving of it. So I congratulate Pat on this award. Thank you very much for your service and your friendship.

2021 - Patricia Steele, MLS'81
2019 - Carole Medal, MLS’79
2018 - Helen Tibbo, MLS’83
2017 - James L. Mullins, PhD’84
2016 - Carla J. Funk, MLS’73
2015 - Brian Schottlaender, MLS’80
2014 - Mary Popp, BS’71, MLS’73, MS’81, Blanche Woolls, MLS’62, PhD’73
2012 - Kathleen “Kathy” Crimans, BA’73, MLS’74
2010 - Thomas G. Kirk Jr., MS’69
2008 - Keith Kuhn (posthumous), BA’74, MLS’76
2007 - Merri Beth Lavagnino, MLS’89
2006 - James Fish, MLS’71
2005 - Bradley L. Schaffner, MA’84, MLS’89
2004 - William J. Crowe, PhD’86
2001 - Garry D. Wiggins, BA’66, MA’68, MLS’71, PhD’85
2000 - Larry L. Hardesty, MS’78, PhD’82
1999 - Lester J. Pourciau Jr., PhD’75
1998 - Douglas K. Lehman, MLS’78
1997 - Sondra Bandy Koontz, MLS’71
1996 - David A. Bucove, MLS’67, Richard P. Smiraglia, MLS’74
1995 - John V. Richardson Jr., PhD’78
1994 - Margaret C. Fung, PhD’83
1993 - D. Peter Hernon, PhD’78
1992 - David V. Loertscher, PhD’73
1991 - Betty C. Martin, BS’55, MLS’83
1990 - Marian L. Armstrong, BS’52, MS’58
1989 - Barbara Fischler, MM’54, MS’64
1988 - Debora Shaw, PhD’83
1987 - Benjamin F. Speller Jr., MA’65, PhD’73
1986 - Bernard M. Fry, BA’37, MA’39
1984 - Joyce Ball, MS’59
1983 - Fred Williams Hanes, MS’53
1982 - Charles H. Davis, BS’60, MS’66, PhD’69
1981 - Edward N. Howard, BA’65, MS’68
1979 - Margaret Regina Sheviak, BA’57, MS’58
1978 - William Joseph Studer, BA’58, MLS’60, PhD’68
1977 - Rebecca Taylor Bingham, BS’50, MLS’69

Dean's Award

This award is given at the dean’s discretion for exceptional philanthropic leadership and service to the school.

Legacy Awards

Career Achievement Award:

2015 - Jennifer Widom, BS’82, MS’83
2014 - Pete Beckman, PhD’93
2013 - Gary McGraw, MS’90, PhD’95
2012 - Gloria Childress Townsend, BA’69, MS’87
2011 - Scott Jones, BS’84, Hon. DS’02
2010 - Don Brown, BS’78, MS’82, MD’85
2009 - Anand Deshpande, MS’86, PhD’89, Cheng Wu, MS’77

Young Alumni Award:

2015 - Judy Wawira Gichoya (MS’12),  Sriram Mohan (MS’03, PhD’07)
2014 - Torsten Hoefler (PhD’08), Sandosh Vasudevan (MS’08)
2013 - Russell Conard (BS’12), Leon Nowlin Jr. (BS’08)
2012 - Josh Esslinger (BS’03), Jordan E. Martz (BS’06)
2011 - Brad Gessler (BS’04), Steve Hodges (BS’04)
2010 - Kay Connelly, BS’95, Virginia G. Richardson (BS’07)
2009 - Jennette Fulda (BS’03)

Distinguished Service Award:

2015 - H. Patrick Callahan (BA’69), Mary W. Delaney, (BS’86)
2014 - Matthew Ferguson, Debora “Ralf” Shaw (PhD’83)
2013 - Andy Hanson, Carol Lewis (BS’53)
2012 - Barbara M. Hayes (BA’76, MSW’81, MS’01), George Springer
2011 - Mary McKenzie (MS’73)
2010 - Don Aquilano, Janatha R. Ashton (BS’65, MS’78)
2009 - Mark Hill, Ed Robertson